Additive Manufacturing using SLM (Selective laser melting)

The Selective laser melting technology uses a bed of powder with a source of heat to create metal parts. We use high power-density laser to fully melt and fuse metallic powders in order to produce parts with near full density (up to 99.9% relative density).


– Max. X-Axis 300 mm
– Max. Y-Axis 300 mm
– Max. Z-Axis 350 mm
– Min. Layer thickness 20 µm
– Min. Focus diameter 80 µm
– Laser power 600 W

Use case:

– Complex / filigree structures
– Internal channels / cavities
– Lightweight construction / grid structures

Milling Operations

Milling is not necessary needed for all the parts to be finished but we offer this extra service. Apart from the surface finish, our milling machines can also be used for drill, bore or cut gears, threads, and slots.

We use 5 axis machines with the following specifications:

– Max. X-Axis 500 mm
– Max. Y-Axis 450 mm
– Max. Z-Axis 400 mm
– Max. workpiece diameter 630 mm
– Max. workpiece height 550 mm
– Max. workpiece weight 200 kg
– Rapid traverse 30 m/min in all linear axes to reduce non cutting time
– pocket tool magazine with quick tool change within 2.7 s

Design and development for complex projects

Our team uses computer-aided design software to create, modify, analize, or optimize designs for complex projects

Quality control

Every part manufactured or modified using the milling machines are checked thoroughly and must pass numerous quality and standards checks

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